Don’t be fooled by Twitter’s blue bird of happiness logo. Hell hath no fury like a Tweeter scorned!

Actually, scorned is way too melodramatic. “Disagreed with” is more accurate. No, even that’s an overstatement. When it comes down to brass tacks, what I did was NOT agree with a tweet.

Who knew I could be so wrong in under 140 characters? You’d think that would require proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. But no, seems all it takes sometimes is stating a contrary view to unleash a torrent of entitled bombast.

Others have explored this in a far more eloquent fashion, but let’s consider: I would not berate a total stranger on a bus with every piece of evidence on my hard drive or in Google’s reach to verbally vaporize his stated preference for Pepsi over Coke (blasphemy, I know, but for example’s sake).

So why does the long black veil of cyberspace give people the arrogance to deny a person his or her opinion?

Anonymity is powerful. And with power, to paraphrase Franklin D. Roosevelt, comes responsibility. So, tweet responsibly!